About CEE Alumni

CEE Alumni SUST Society (CEEAS) is a platform of graduates and friends of the Department of Civil and EnvironmentalEngineering, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST), Sylhet, Bangladesh. CEEAS is a hub for connectivity and networking for graduates as well as current students and faculties. CEEAS also works as a social welfare organization through various social, cultural, and other altruistic programs for the benefit of the alumni, CEE Department and the society.

Currently CEEAS have two offices; permanent office at CEE department, SUST and operational office at Dhaka.

Objective and Goals

With a motto of “Engineering for Sustainable Development”, along with connectivity and networkingCEEAS works for following specific objectives and goals

  • provide a forum for Civil & Environmental Engineers to exchange ideas and experiences;
  • contribute to the development of Civil & Environmental Engineering education and practice in the country;
  • take efforts for environmental protection and development through research, innovation and technology development and promotion;
  • encourage efficiency and promote high ethical standard in the engineering profession.